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nyc parentadam2751    Blackwood, New Jersey
Thought i would give this a try as some people have suggested so. I enjoy the usual stuff, going out for a couple of drinks or maybe a bite to eat. I love walking and other outdoor activities.
online dating conversationsJessica92    volta redonda, Rio de Janeiro
Hi, I'm a pretty big stay at home type of person but I do go out. I like video games, books and music. My favorite game is The Legend of Zelda. I play very many instruments and I sing. I'm a nerd.
worcester singlesbevin    Cleveland, Ohio
My hobbies are hiking and camping. Music means alot to me. My favorite bands are Radiohead, Joy Division, The Velevet underground, Interpol and the Grateful Dead.
search singles by communityAnomay    Saint Petersburg, Florida
I'm newly single really just looking for someone to talk to and have a conversation with. I love to laugh and enjoy my life. I'm all about good vibes and enjoying the things around you.

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